We believe women.

We believe Christine Blasey Ford.

Every Senator should believe her, too.

Every Senator Must Speak Up:
We Believe Christine

This is not a court of law, and this is not a debate about what constitutes due process for Brett Kavanaugh. Senators need to make a moral judgment over whether a man who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl deserves a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Senators already know enough at this point to be able to make this judgment: Kavanaugh’s nomination must be withdrawn.

Call your senator now: Tell them to demand that Kavanaugh withdraw.

Get the Facts

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has presented a credible and well substantiated account about Brett Kavanaugh attacking her that deserves to be believed. Dr. Blasey Ford has nothing to gain by coming forward to tell her story, knowing that she’ll be subjected to brutal, partisan attacks. She is enduring all of this in addition to having to relive the details of her attack because she believes it is her civic responsibility. She is a patriot.

  • Survivors make these intensely personal decisions in the face of an incredibly hostile climate to speak up. It’s understandable that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was reluctant to speak up any sooner.
  • We believe her on her word alone, but she also told her husband, and her therapists, years ago about the attack. She also passed a polygraph.
  • Providing a list of women Kavanaugh didn’t attack says nothing about the honesty of the woman he did attack.

Brett Kavanaugh, meanwhile, is NOT credible in his denial. Kavanaugh’s nomination is on the ropes; he has everything to gain by lying. He has already lied, multiple times, under oath before the Senate. There is no reason to trust his word now.

  • Kavanaugh’s classmate and alleged accomplice, Mark Judge, wrote a memoir about spending his high school years blackout drunk. The book includes a character named “Bart O’Kavanaugh.” For years, he has attacked the credibility of women making accusations of sexual assault, and defended the men who’ve been accused.
  • Kavanaugh himself has spoken publicly about alcohol-fueled exploits in law school.
  • 65 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school wrote a letter “vouching” for him. But after learning more about Dr. Blasey Ford’s story, only five of those women were willing to continue publicly standing by Kavanaugh.

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